our story

Back in 1999, business partners Dave Addison and Paul Lewis set about establishing Channel in a small office in Sussex. Their vision was to offer fresh design that was affordable, uniquely crafted around each client’s needs and that also produced tangible results.

With this as their founding principle, they believed that clients would keep coming back to them, enabling Channel to evolve and develop a business in line with their organisations and aspirations.   

It’s a principle that still drives our work. With an exceptionally experienced and friendly team, we live and breathe our clients’ design and commercial needs, sharing their ambitions and delivering impactful projects that make a positive difference to their business, to deadline, time and time again.  

Our approach

  • Discover

    By working closely with you and taking a wholly transparent approach, we are able to scope, research and define your needs.

  • Create

    Armed with the information gathered from our discovery session, we move on to create solutions that deliver the key points of the brief.

  • Develop

    This is the core part of the process where honesty and collaboration between us is essential in achieving the final desired results.

  • Implement

    We roll out the final creative across all aspects of your communication, ensuring a consistent and engaging message is delivered to the market.

  • Review

    Once the process is complete and the project successfully delivered, we sit down with you to review how it went and what, if anything, could be improved next time around.